You found me because it's time to find your magic

It is in our nature to be free souls

We softly whisper these requests, these desires, as if somehow they are not meant for us, that they are not meant to be...

I want more time. I want to care for myself better.  I want better relationships. I want more creativity.  I want to live my individuality. I want my life to reflect who I truly am. I want to surf the ups and downs of life. I want fear to point me to strength. I want to create my life's purpose. I want to inspire and uplift others. 

Simply by making these statements, asking these questions  and searching for answers, you are already on your journey and have taken the first and most important step.

It's time we've met


I'm  Leigh Ann

I’ve been exploring self-help, self-development, and spirituality for most of my life. 

In my work as a life coach, intuitive empath and writer, I teach people who love self-help, self-development, and spirituality how to stay connected to the creative forces inside them. 

As the author of The Easy Way to Enlightenment, my philosophy is that enlightenment is there with us all the time. 

We just have to notice it. I can help you learn how.

My coaching style

I combine my magical empath skills and practical life-coaching tools to help you uncover your own wisdom and express your gifts with more ease and joy. I call what I do spiritual coaching. 

Gentle coaching

My coaching style is gentle and clear. My goal is to give you the responsibility for the pace of personal change. Each person's path is individual and I want to help you find yours.

Intuitive empath

I am not only a certified life coach, but I am also an intuitive empath and medium. I  continuously tune into higher guidance. I can sense your soul behind you and I can hear its whispers to you.  For this reason, we will move forward faster than you expect.

Your soul's guide

Because I work with self-development and modern spiritual practices to heal myself, I am a clear, compassionate witness.  I know how to hold your hand as you dive inside and discover what is there. I can help your true essence, your soul, come through any despair to comfort and guide you.

I am here to tell you, that if your soul desires it, we can create it

Let's go get it

Individual sessions

Are you ready to step into a process of personal transformation? You are more ready than you think and stronger than you feel. Let's get started.


Enter a process of self inquiry with my worksheets based on the book The Easy Way Enlightenment. For those who love to journal and go their own pace. 

Explore my book

The Easy Way to Enlightenment: 7 Lessons to Give Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life redefines and demystifies enlightenment, putting it well within your reach.. 

The Easy Way to Enlightenment

-7lessons to give your soul the adventure of your life-

Each and every one of us has the ability to enlighten ourselves and others, to discover the creative magic of the soul dwelling inside us. When our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls align with our deepest purpose and intentions, we discover harmony - with ourselves and with those around us. 

Working with Leigh Ann broadens your perspective to see your story from a place less personal and less painful, opening the possibility to see potential in the situation. Leigh Ann’s style and approach to delving into themes is cooperative and collaborative. She is very grounded and rational and has a good sense of tuning into people and offering what is appropriate. It is great to work with her because you gain a different perspective on what you already know

Barbra Noh, Strength and grace yoga, Germany

Leigh Ann’s personality,  warmth, care and attentiveness made me feel that I’m safe and being heard. I felt that I can trust her with what I want to share. There are many intuitive coaches and guides that you can find, but Leigh Ann has something that most people don’t. Her warmth and genuine caring will makes you feel safe to go through the healing process  because such sessions are most powerful when we as clients can go into the space of surrender.