Feel better, 

create a new life,

make positive change the world

Leigh Ann Kittell

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Time to take the first step

What you want cannot be bought — time, creativity, playfulness, individuality, connection, equanimity, inspiration, purpose, fulfillment. And, it might not be a quick fix. But you are willing to take the steps. 

I can walk with you on the way. 

The reason I can support you is because I learned to support myself

For many years of my life, I looked perfect on the outside. I performed well through high school, university, and my job. I made my own money, traveled, met a lot of people, and had many friends. 

To those around me I appeared happy and extremely capable, but the reality was that I was carrying some heavy baggage. Everywhere I went, it was as if I was dragging along a heavy suitcase that contained another version of me. 

My soul was desperate for me to awaken. Fate sent me more changes and challenges than I thought I could handle, bringing the depressed part of me to the surface so that I could face it. As is often the case, what seemed like misfortune was actually a gift.

I searched for ways to support myself. I found excellent coaches, yoga teachers, and masters of modern spiritual practices from around the world who taught me how to change from the inside. 

Today, I am an expert on applying self-loving coaching, yoga and spiritual practices to resolve heavy thoughts and emotions on my own.

I learned how to source unconditional love and support from within. I got out of the habit of functioning for others and myself and developed the habit of living for me.

The contents of the heavy suitcases we carry may not always be easy to unpack. My own journey has taught me to serve as a compassionate witness to our difficult life circumstances. I am honored to support you on your journey, as my coaches and teachers have supported me.

 The challenges my clients and I have worked through

  • Resolving family entanglements such as challenging or estranged relationships with parents and siblings, finding closure with passed loved ones, moving through sadness from an empty nest 
  • Honoring matters of social concealment such as abortion, miscarriage, infertility, traumatic births, domestic abuse, rape, infidelity, alcoholism, mental illness, exhaustion from a caretaker role  
  • Awakening to one's creative expression both personally and professionally including business development
  • Establishing a life style of self-care and balance and integrating self-coaching and modern spiritual practices into everyday life

Leigh Ann’s information is impeccable and her wisdom comes from a place that is aligned from a very spiritual position. She has the ability to tap into information that feels not only truthful but also is delivered in a gentle way so that it leaves you with a feeling of peace.

Belle McDonnell, phd, Therapist

My superpowers

I’ve been exploring self-help, self-development, and spirituality—from astrology to yoga to angels—for most of my life. As a child, my hippie aunt took me on as her sidekick at family events, whipping out her numerology book to decipher why she and her seven siblings were all so different.

The ease I experienced working with tools like astrology and numerology gave me a sense of purpose. At such a young age, I could support others to help them better understand themselves—a foreshadowing of the joy I find now when working with clients.

As I learned more about spirituality and esoteric teachings, I found myself wondering,

Did I really pick this life? Do I really have a soul that chose me?

So I dug deeper and deeper, becoming more and more committed to exploring the journey of my soul.

Early on my personal spiritual path I discovered skill sets that we no longer have words for in Western culture. I possess a kind of sensitivity that allows me to receive information from subtle realms like the place where souls come from. 

When we work together, you may ask, "How does she know that?"
Or, even "How could she know that?" 

My unique skills make our work together kind and loving, but also efficient because we move fast.

Such skills are part of our creative magic. And you have them too.

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

When a person books coaching sessions with me, she is typically fed up with being stuck. I can see her slam her hand on the table and say "I am done with this." When she calls, she tells me about her desire just feel better, to create a new life, perhaps even make positive change the world, but..." She tells me why she struggles to manifest her dream.

We then dive into the why, the what, and the how. My training with Martha Beck taught me valuable tools to help you go from unstuck to shining your light. 

You have superpowers, too

Let's wake them up

Sometimes your yearning to develop yourself keeps you from seeing how far you've already come. You have three skills you've already learned, probably without realizing it These skills are the foundation of our work together. You've got this!  


You take action to help yourself when life confronts you with challenges and change. 


You see your true self. You take the time to look at what you see on your path of self discovery.


You benefit from your recognition. You start to hear your inner voice and become your own power source.

The Easy Way to Enlightenment

7lessons to give your soul the adventure of your life

My intention is to help you shine your light brighter and more easily than ever before. My greatest wish for you is that you learn to simplify your self care and spiritual path to its essence, and in turn experience greater freedom and creativity. 

My philosophy

I believe that we reach a point where our life's journey turns inward. I call what we are looking for — those things money cannot buy — our creative magic.

Our creative magic won’t develop through a book, yoga teacher, guru, high-priced astrologer, or coach; it can only grow out of our own self, from our own work.

Each of us is on track — no matter what. 
And there are forces that support us throughout our life — no matter what. 
Together, we will find your way to access those forces and interact with them to harness your creative power.

Each of us is enlightenment enabled. We just have to turn on the lights. I’ve watched my clients over the past 15 years turn on the inner light that is already there.
I can help you to do the same.

Shine your light brighter — with spiritual coaching!

Leigh Ann is able to approach issues from very different angles and with a variety of methods. Her spectrum of methods is diverse and her various talents flow together, so that she can help anyone access the place where the answers lie.

EVGENIA, Yoga Teacher, Germany

Leigh Ann gave me answers to the most important current questions in my life within just moments. She recognized and understood the current situation behind my issues quickly and without knowing any specific background information. I received sound explanations for developments in my life that previously did not make sense to me. Leigh Ann’s help was very clear yet sensitive. Although she is working intuitively, she always kept the overview of the issues and brought them into context for me. The session was very helpful!

H.M., Germany