Soul purpose readings

Become awake, aware and aligned with your soul's purpose as you move through life.

Have you ever sat down for meditation and found your mind is full of thousands of thoughts?

Have you journaled for years only to notice that you keep thinking the same thoughts over and over without any major transformation?

I have, then I discovered that patterns can change. I learned that we can use high vibration to honor, acknowledge, befriend, and dilute or dissipate repeating thought patterns. Since then, my life has sustainably changed.

Here is how it happened...

We are infinite souls leading finite human lives. Acceptance of this simple fact liberates us from pressure to be greater than we actually are and also from despair over being less that what we fear we may be.

Dr. Linda Howe, Author of Discover Your Souls Path Through the Akashic Records. 

For years after I learned that I would not have a family of my own, I painted my future as dark. Thoughts circled through my mind daily of why me? and how can I go on? My inner state was affecting my relationships, my job, and my health. I prayed for inner guidance.

One day I read in a newsletter from Hay House about a new book: Discover Your Soul’s Path through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. I worked with Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process every day for several months and at some point noticed that my doom-and-gloom attitude had lifted. I worked with the power of divine, unconditional love—in this case the vibration of my own soul records—to dissolve and dissipate heavy thoughts and emotions.

Now, instead of battling my negative thoughts with mere willpower, I conjure a higher vibration to transform my inner state. 

Since 2016, I have been offering soul purpose reading using the Pathway Prayer Process by Linda Howe.  

In my client's testimonials, they write that this kind of work...

  • "broadens your perspective to see your story from a place less personal and less painful, opening the possibility to see potential in the situation.
  • "suddenly dissolves difficulties into thin air making you feel free and carefree.
  • "gives answers to the most important current questions in your life within just moments. 

Let's be honest.

Life isn't easy.

You don't need to go it alone.

Tap into the power of your soul's wisdom

You can heal yourself now.