Enlightenment is hard work.

Only a lucky few are capable of attaining true enlightenment.

Enlightenment is something you can only achieve by sitting alone in meditation for months on end until, one day, suddenly you understand the meaning of life.

If you’ve thought any of these things, you’re not alone. Many of us go through life thinking enlightenment sounds wonderful, but is not something we are likely to achieve, or could attain while living a “normal” life.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all of that is wrong. Or to use more enlightened language, that these beliefs are misguided. The truth is that enlightenment is easy, if you let it be.

You may be asking, “Who is this woman who says she can teach me the easy way to enlightenment?” Well, let me introduce myself. I’ve been exploring self-help, self-development, and spirituality—from astrology to yoga to angels—for most of my life. In my work as a life coach, yoga teacher, and intuitive empath, I teach people who love self-help, self-development, and spirituality how to stay connected to the creative forces inside them.

As a child, my hippie aunt took me on as her sidekick at family events, whipping out her numerology book to decipher for the willing (and the not-so-willing) listener why she and her seven siblings were all so different. The ease I experienced working with tools like astrology and numerology gave me a sense of purpose. At such a young age, I could support others to help them better understand themselves—a foreshadowing of the joy I find now when working with clients.

As an adult, I was drawn to read about all kinds of spiritual teachings, from classic writings such as the Bhagavad Gita to lesser-known books including Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. As I learned more about spirituality and esoteric teachings, I found myself wondering, Did I really pick this life? Do I really have a soul that chose me? So I dug deeper and deeper, becoming more and more committed to exploring the journey of my soul.

In this book, I share the juiciest nuggets of what I have learned over the past twenty years so you can harness what I call your “creative magic.” Creative magic is my term for that which fills us with life and connects us to all of existence. It is the light of your enlightenment.

I believe that enlightenment is a place where the forces of your soul, your personality, your body, and the earth meet. You, the person who makes choices, can apply the magic of your attention to find this place, sense it, and dwell in it. I believe that enlightenment means giving your soul, the force that created you, the adventure of your life.

Your soul is the force that wants you to be here. It wants to experience the amazing planet earth through you! Enlightenment is easy when you see it as the unfolding of your creative magic in your life.

Most of us want the world to change, to be a better place. Why wait for our establishments—governments, employers, churches, schools, and so on—to make the shift? (We will likely be waiting for quite a while.) Let’s make the world a better place right now by cultivating our creativity and our own sense of power.

Each and every one of us has the ability to enlighten ourselves and others, to discover the creative magic of the soul dwelling inside us. When our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls align with our deepest purpose and intentions, we discover harmony—with ourselves and with those around us. From there, we can uncover a vast treasure of self-understanding. It is from that comforting place that we can heal the wounds of our human experiences with the salve of inner wisdom. As more and more of us open up to the light inside, our institutions will have to change to keep up!

The fact that you’re reading this indicates that you’ve already taken some conscious steps (perhaps many) towards enlightenment. This book encourages you to notice the sweet spots on the route you have taken so far, and helps you plug into your creative magic when the trek gets rough.

You have embarked on a quest, taking the hero’s journey to find your own magic—the power of your soul—inside you. Your creative magic and enlightenment won’t develop through a book, yoga teacher, guru, or high-priced astrologer; they can only grow out of your own self, from your own work.

You and I likely have never spoken, so I haven’t had an opportunity to tell you that you are already enlightened, and your soul is with you now. You are on track—no matter what. And there are forces that support you throughout your life—no matter what. This book will describe those forces and guide you to ways you can interact with them to harness your creative power.

Enlightenment is the moment-to-moment process of saying “yes” to the aliveness inside you. As I have worked with more and more clients, showing them their soul’s perspective on their lives, I have seen that enlightenment is our essence. We are all already enlightened. Through coaching, soul perspective readings, and channeling, I’ve watched my clients turn on the light that is already there, waiting to shine. I want you to do the same.

Your life will change when you take the perspective that you are here to give your soul the adventure of your life. You will gain a sense of purpose that is independent of the world around you.

Just like a parent has the responsibility to raise a child, you bear the responsibility for your soul’s experience. When you realize and accept this responsibility, you show up for your own life every day, explore your creativity, and contribute to your personal and the global ecosystem.

Seven Lessons on How to Give Your Soul the Adventure of Your Life

The Easy Way to Enlightenment is divided into seven progressive lessons. In Lesson 1, you will learn you are the first force of your own enlightenment. Your enlightenment started the moment you made self-loving choices to help or develop yourself. Self-loving choices are powerful because they connect you with your soul. Your soul loves you; you love you. In this lesson, you will learn that you and your soul have something in common—your well-being and happiness. Realizing this bond, you initiate your own enlightenment.

The power in Lesson 1 lies in acknowledging your own efforts and seeing how much you have enlightened yourself so far. Recognizing your own good in this way is the foundation for your path toward enlightenment.

In Lesson 2, you will connect with the force that wants you to be here. Your soul and spirit created you on purpose! Your soul picked every aspect of you—not only your good, great, and fantastic traits, but also the ones you may think are not so good. Your soul loves all parts of you. You are the object of its desire. By seeing yourself and your experiences as your soul does, you invite it closer to you, and eventually you embody it. You learn to show it the adventure of your life.

The power in Lesson 2 lies in acknowledging the force that wants you to be here: your soul. You create an eternal friend for the rest of your life and you realize that you are always loved and never alone. You sense the support you need to take on the challenges of life and create beauty through your personal gifts.

In Lesson 3, you meet your other mother: Mother Earth. When you die, perhaps you will see a trailer flash before your eyes that reads, “This has been The Movie of You, made possible by generous donations from Mother Earth.” You cannot exist without the earth. The earth co-creates you, together with your soul. She anchors the energy of your soul into you.

You culminate your enlightenment when you live in alignment with the ecosystem of planet earth. As you awaken to your soul and creativity, you sense a deep need to exist and create as part of nature and the ecosystem. Fully loving the earth and the physical realm completes your enlightenment.

The power in Lesson 3 lies in recovering and healing your relationship with your life as a vulnerable human on planet earth. You face the dichotomy of loving the earth while fearing loss. You gain a sense of peace in the conflict of life and death that confronts us daily.

In Lesson 4 you experiment with the creative power within you—your magic. Your magic is an extension of the force that created you. You create in the same way that All-That-Is and your soul create. Your intention directs your attention, and your attention wields your creative magic, making it your most valuable asset.

The power in Lesson 4 is that you acknowledge your creative magic. Every day when you wake up, you create. You cannot not create. The one thing I want to tell my clients when they feel they have to back down from their dreams is: “You are so powerful!” This lesson helps you see your own power, categorize it, and apply it. Your creativity comes into focus, shifting from cloudy to clear.

In Lesson 5, I will show you enlightenment as sourced from a place that I call your enlightenment architecture. You will learn to step into it and sense its presence in you. You will find out about the “power through” quality of enlightenment and how to separate from “powers over” you that do not serve you. You will shine when you allow the sensation of aliveness to flow through your enlightenment architecture and light you up.

The power in Lesson 5 lies in acknowledging the web of supporting forces that surround you. You are a facility of light: a power plant. Aliveness fuels you. This lesson helps you to increase your daily vitality to wield your creative magic with joy.

In Lesson 6, you will break out paper and pens to practice your connection to your soul and your enlightenment architecture. You will find out how to balance enlightenment and vulnerability. To strengthen the power flowing through you, you will revisit both your subtle and physical births.

The power in Lesson 6 lies in the practical application of your creative magic to conjure the sensation of your soul and your enlightenment. You will work with exercises that give you the felt sense of creative magic, aliveness, and enlightenment. You will know what your light feels like as a sensation in your being.

In Lesson 7, you will practice shifting away from forces that have power over you to allow the power of aliveness to flow through you. You will learn to connect with something bigger in your everyday life. You will glimpse your enlightened life’s “new duality.”

The power in Lesson 7 lies in understanding the bigger picture for the path ahead. You will know how to shape your self-help, self-development, and spiritual practices in a way that shows your soul the adventure of your life and moves you towards personal and collective enlightenment.

My Greatest Wish for You

My intention is to show you how to use the force that wants you to be here to help you shine your light brighter and more easily than ever before. My greatest wish for you is that you learn to simplify your spiritual path to its essence, and in turn experience greater freedom and creativity. I also want to show you that you need nothing more than that with which you came into this world—no gurus, no religion, no other outside forces or tools—to experience yourself as a whole, complete, and powerful person who acts in concert with your soul.

Through the lessons and practices in this book, you will learn to work with the same creative force that brought you to life to find inner freedom. You will receive the blueprint for your enlightenment architecture, and will learn how to use it to become the vibrant being you came here to be.